Scuka Construction
Scuka Construction

The Scuka Difference

What makes Scuka different? Simply put, our people, our history, and our relentless commitment to your project's success. Scuka Construction was founded over 50 years ago by Mario Scuka. Since then the torch has been passed to his son Dan Scuka.

Every day we put our family name on the line with every project ensuring that 'Scuka' is synonymous with integrity, value, and quality.

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The Scuka Difference


Our ScukaBuilt Construction process ensures that every aspect of your project has been meticulously thought through from pre-construction and construction management to project delivery and warranty. Our process minimizes coordination change orders, lowers costs, and reduces project delays. What does that mean for you? A construction process that is as seamless as possible.

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You have a vision, let's make a plan!


Let's take that plan & make it feasible.


Let's make that plan come to life.


Safeguarding your project.

Contract Methods

What construction contract do we think you should choose? Well, the one that works best for you and your project. Every project is unique. Explore our contract options, and know that we are happy to negotiate a custom contract that works for you.

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Scuka Construction Management

Construction Management

All our expertise with a management fee structure.

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Scuka Construction Management at Risk

Construction Management At Risk

Let us take on the risk with lump-sum pricing.

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Scuka Design-Build


Have an idea? Lean on us to make it happen.

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Scuka Negotiated Contracts

Negotiated Contracts

Let's figure out what works for you.

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