Welcome to Scuka Construction. We're happy you've found us. At Scuka we're very much defined by where we've come from. Our roots are family and our values are strong. Scuka Construction was founded in 1967 by Mario Scuka. We've grown a lot since then, and have come into our own. Now under the ownership of Mario's son, Dan Scuka, we're continually evolving and are proud of the projects we work on. Scroll below to take a stroll through memory lane.


Scuka Construction - A Company that Would Stand the Test of Time

Over 50 years ago Mario had no idea that Scuka Construction would grow into the company it is today. He had a dream to build a home, and that's where it all began.

Scuka Construction Logo 1985


Scuka Construction Incorporates
Things are Getting Serious

No longer a "home here and a home there" builder, Scuka is moving out of its infancy and moving into the company we would become today. Dan Scuka is also folded into the mix by becoming a partial shareholder in the company.

Dan Scuka


Changing of the Guards
Dan becomes 100% Shareholder

A lifetime in the making, Dan steps in to fill some big shoes. We think he's filled them in, and then some. With Mario's mentorship, Dan is now at the helm.

Diversifying our Portfolio

This marks the year of our first commercial project. It was fun. We're happy it wasn't our last. In fact, over the years Dan has purchased land and developed several commercial properties for himself.

Diversifying our Portfolio


"Thank you for calling Scuka, how may I help you?"

Scuka was growing. We'd had full-time field staff for years, but this is the year we would need an office. Our first full-time administrator was hired, and we were happy to have the help! Having office duties covered meant we could focus on what we love... construction.

Our Not-for-Profit Love Begins


Our Not-for-Profit Love Begins

We remember it like it was yesterday. Our very first BC Housing project. It was in Williams Lake. Since then we've helped deliver over 2000 units with BC Housing! (and counting)

1998 - 2001 - 2009

Awards, is That Our Thing?

We went through an awards phase. We won a lot. It was interesting. Ultimately we decided that we don't do what we do for awards. We do what we do because we love it. So, we set our awards to the side, and we're okay with that. Although we're happy to show you proof if you want. I'm sure we could dust them off for you.

Awards, is That Our Thing?
Scuka 2010 Logo


Has it Been 25 Years Already? Yes, Yes it Has!

25 years since Scuka incorporated! How shall we celebrate? With a contest for a makeover valued at $60,000 to three not-for-profit building societies, and a new Logo of course.

2011 - 2018

When You Blink

We blinked, and now we're going into our 35th year. So many projects, moments, and people we are proud of. But where did the time go?


Procore - The Rolls Royce of Project Management Software

100% transparency is important to us. This year we launched Procore, giving you 24 hour, live project intel at your fingertips. Yeah, we think it's pretty cool too.

Procore - Project Management Software
New Brand Same Values

Bursting at the Seams - Office Renovation

Now at 30 employees, 9 staff in our office, we ran out of space. Good thing we're a construction company. Take out a wall and build another office. Done and done.

Looking Forward - New Logo + Branding - Same Name + Values

We needed a brand that matched who've we've grown to be. We're no longer the "mom and pop shop" that started over 50 years ago, but a company that has come into our own. We want to celebrate who we are and stand proud of what that represents.


Let's Find Out Together

Will your project be part of the Scuka story? We hope so, but let's find out together!

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

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