Working with you in the Pre-Construction phase of your project can make the world of difference in the profitability and viability of your development. In fact, we prefer to be involved in this process whenever possible.

Advantages & Expectations

Advantages & Expectations

When we're involved in the Pre-Construction phase we're able to provide foresight and recommendations to the design team from the beginning.

Why is this important? Say that we've been hired for Construction Management of a project where we haven't been involved in the design. The design team provides designs based on your vision and the land's limitations. Now as the Construction Management team, we're tasked with tendering out your project and getting actual costs. The project comes in at $10M. Your budget was $7M. We're behind the eight-ball trying to figure out what we can do to make this happen.

When we're involved from the beginning, we know your budget and with our vast experience, we're able to know when a project is being overdesigned and the budget is at risk. It's much easier to get the design right from the beginning then go back and make changes. It's cheaper too!

Getting Involved Early

We can't tell you how many times we've offered a second opinion on a project that was abandoned in the Pre-Construction phase because the costs came in too high for the owner. When this happens, we work closely with the design team, leverage our expertise, and do everything we can to get the project built-out.

Getting Involved Early
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