Negotiated Contract

We reserve negotiated contracts for those who contact us directly and are committed to working with the Scuka team. Whether just in ideation or having preliminary drawings, with a negotiated contract, we'll work with you to assess your needs and then figure out the best contract and action plan for you and your project moving forward.

Negotiated Contract Advantages

Main Advantages

Typically speaking we're heavily involved in the Pre-Construction process providing you value engineering which can help mitigate unforeseen design issues, lowering the amount of coordination change orders, and ultimately keeping projects on-time and on-budget.

Negotiated Contracts tend to roll into a stipulated-price contract which means you're provided with lump-sum pricing for the project. Stipulated-price contracts shield you from project risks. We will manage every aspect of the project including the financials. We also assume any risk of cost increases to the project with exception to client-driven change orders and other stipulated exclusions.


Negotiated contracts are very flexible and catered specifically to you and your project. Having us involved in understanding your needs and working with you on the project so early in the development process means you will have the best possible contract and plan for your unique situation.

Negotiated Contract Expectations
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