Why Work With Scuka?

In the Construction world, we know that we are only as good as our Trades Partners. At Scuka Construction we have high standards. In fact, we promise to do everything in our power to ensure a rewarding construction experience, every time.

Standing by this promise, we have invested in Construction Management software that gives all parties instant access to project information including RFIs, drawing updates with changes highlighted, schedules, and meeting notes, to name a few.

Scuka Trades Process

If you're looking to become a Trade Partner with Scuka, it's as easy as filling out a form and being put into our system where you will be invited to tender on projects. Our Construction team will most likely call to pre-qualify you for specific jobs and to gain a greater understanding of your qualifications and capacities

Scuka Trades Process



We love our trades, and we want you to feel that love, so we pack up our BBQ, grab some grub, throw on aprons and serve you a hard-earned thank-you lunch.

We don't hire someone to serve you lunch, Dan (our President), his wife, and a few other team members are fully responsible for making the food, saying hello, and serving your meal.

Our Trade Partners go above and beyond, and we want to make sure we recognize that, so we throw a BBQ in honour of that!


Your safety is our priority. That's why we have a dedicated on-site Safety Officer that ensures safety protocols are upheld and maintained on all sites. We also maintain a COR (Certificate of Recognition) Certification with WorkSafeBC. This certification is awarded to employers that implement and maintain an OHSMS that exceeds regulatory requirements.

Scuka Construction Safety

Join our Tender List

Want to become a Trade Partner? Fill in the form below to start the process of being invited for Tender Calls on our Construction projects.

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Procore Project Management Software

All of our projects are managed and maintained in Procore, our project management software. Access real-time information from anywhere. Send in RFIs, view updated drawings with highlights showing you what has been changed, be invited to tender, or just check on the project's progress. Essentially, it's the whole project at your fingertips, now that's powerful!