Construction Management at Risk / Stipulated Price

Construction Management at Risk is a contract for Pre-Construction Services and Construction. This contract has a fee for Pre-Construction services where we work with you and your development team from design through to pre-tender where all financials are open-book. At this point design is agreed upon and we provide you with a stipulated price which states our guaranteed maximum cost for the project based on the current design. This is an all-in cost from mobilization to project delivery and warranty.

Stipulated Price Advantages

Main Advantages

The biggest advantage of Construction Management at Risk is the project risk falls on us, not you. If a trade raises their prices, or lumber costs raise, you don't pay more for your project. Where the overall fee for our services will be more, many clients prefer for us to manage the financials and assume the risk.

If you've read our website, you know we're huge proponents of being involved in the Pre-Construction phase. Construction Management at Risk has us involved from the beginning which means you get to leverage our expertise, which can mitigate issues during construction and reduce coordination change orders, helping keep projects on-time and on-budget.


Working with us in a Construction Management at Risk capacity means we are invested in this project with you. You get to leverage our construction experience and have us work with you and your development team every step of the way. We will manage everything project-related including finances and paying trade partners directly. You'll have our Construction Management team taking care of every detail you can think of, and even the details you don't think of. An at Risk contract would be a good fit for you if you prefer to have someone else take the reins on getting the project built.

Stipulated Price Expectations
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