Construction Management Contract

A Construction Management Contract is a contract for Pre-Construction Services and Construction. Typically, the contract structure is a fee based on the percentage of overall project costs.

Construction Management Advantages

Main Advantages

Two of the main advantages of choosing a Construction Management Contract are pricing and value engineering.

Overall fees for our services are lower with this structure because the owner is managing the financial side of the project and assumes the inherent development risks.

Being involved in the Pre-Construction phase is important because our experience allows us to work closely with your consultants to provide guidance and feedback on all aspects of the project including design. We're able to advise you on what elements will make sense for your project, and what elements might put your project budget at risk.


When we work with you on a Construction Management Contract basis we're able to be with you every step of the way. So where you are technically taking on more risk, we are here to manage and mitigate that risk with you. A Construction Management Contract allows you the flexibility to request changes during the process, the visibility of an open book (ie: you have access to of the invoices from trades), and overall you'll pay less for our services. If you're looking for full control and want to have hands-on involvement in the process, this might be the right contract for you.

Construction Management Expectations
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